Who is Bettina?

You might have guessed this already. My name is Bettina Møller Jensen – Møller is pronounced Moeller in English. I’m a Law of Attraction and Vision Board expert. What people often say about me is that I make the Law of Attraction easy to understand and apply.

Originally, my formal education was as a Certified Translator and Interpreter in English. By coincidence I ended up working in insurance for many years. I have many years of experience from sales, HR and management. Furthermore I have tons of courses and educations in my tool box among others I am a certified NLP Practitioner and a coach.

During my recovery from a burnout I discovered the Law of Attraction and that became the game changer for me and kick-started my own transformation. Today, I’m the only Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator in Denmark. I was trained and certified by the Candaian Law of Attraction guro: Michael J. Losier.

How can you help me, Bettina?

What we manifest in our lives starts with what is going on in our mind. What I do is that I help you to change your mindset. This means that I teach you very tangible and how-to tools and processes that will manifest results.

All my workshops, courses and coaching will give you the core elements in the Law of Attraction and how to applys them deliberately. You will learn how to become more intentional in order to attract what you want and how to move your focus to what you want from what you don’t want.

How is my teaching different?

As a NLP Practitioner I am very aware of the fact that we all have different learning styles. The thing with the Law of Attraction is that it’s all about how things ‘feel’. If you use a modality – a method that is not in alignment with your preference in learning style, there is a risk that you experience resistance thus creating negative vibes. It is crucial to know your learning style such that you can choose the right method when you work with the Law of Attraction.